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Our children's performing arts school offers an exciting all round introduction combining Singing, Drama and Dance in a one hour dynamic class. Perfect for beginners and experienced performers alike. Class places are very limited and must be booked in advance. We love to watch our students developing their craft, improving their communication skills and seeing their confidence grow. 

We also offer additional tuition for Screen and can offer private tuition upon enquiry.


By learning a range of vocal techniques each child can begin to use their lungs more efficiently, strengthen the lips and tongue and improve on articulation. Here at The Boards we encourage children to explore their voices together through amusing exercises and songs, increasing your child's confidence levels.


Not everything can be learned in a classroom. Through structured play, your child will begin to develop an understanding of human emotions. Students will be guided through a variety of enjoyable drama activities all designed to build trust within a group or to develop a character using their own creativity. We will unlock their imaginations and take them to exciting places they can only dream of!


Dancing is something we do naturally to music, all we have to do is learn to listen to the beat and express ourselves. Our inclusive dance classes are created to develop good technique, strengthen the body and keep it safe while enjoying a fun environment. The Boards use a wide variety of dance styles to create dynamic routines.

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